Our Expertise

Brussels, the unescapable policy-maker

European institutions make decisions that affect the regulation and the legislative framework in which economic agents operate. These decisions not only affect directly the lives of European companies, but also foreign companies that must comply with European standards with a view to entering the internal market, that is more than 500 million consumers.

The European galaxy

European public affairs are manifold : three key decision-makers (Commission, Council, Parliament), whose headquarters are located in three different cities (Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg) ; 28 Member States and their representatives ; 751 members of the European Parliament (MEPs) ; advisory bodies, agencies, thousands of committees and working groups, think tanks, more than 300 trade associations, thousands of lobbyists. So many actors involved the decision-making process at a different stage, with specific prerogatives.

Image Sept’s expertise

With a deep understanding of the European decision-making process, an experience in interacting with the institutions and an extensive network, Image Sept Brussels has developed a tailor-made approach to help its clients design a strategy that meets their expectations. Image Sept Brussels works closely with its clients to identify their needs, develop a strategy, refine their messages, schedule the necessary actions and support them in achieving their goals.