About us

Founded in 1988 by Anne Méaux, Image Sept is the leading independent communication consultancy in France, with a team of 70 people and more than 100 clients. The firm is a key player in strategy consulting and institutional relations, setting the standard for communication in France and around the globe.

Core values

Image Sept is first and foremost an independent agency. Our values of loyalty, discretion, transparency and honesty have enabled us to forge extremely loyal relationships with our clients. Our determination to ensure the continuity of these founding values is reflected in the high intellectual and moral standards we apply to the recruitment of our team members. Image Sept establishes a relationship of partnership and trust with its customers.

Numerous expertise

Image Sept's strength lies in its ability to bring together consultants from a wide variety of backgrounds (finance, healthcare, industry, luxury, media, culture, politics, internet, etc.) with a wide range of skills (press relations, crisis communications, social communications, institutional relations, financial communications and digital brand, etc.), enabling us to help our clients develop a specific communications strategy and assist their teams in its implementation.

Rooted in France with global reach

Image Sept's in-depth knowledge of the French economic, political, cultural and media networks and their subtle interrelationships has enabled it to become the preferred partner of French and international companies as well as institutions with communication challenges in France. Image Sept has also developed an extensive network of international partners, selected over time on the basis of their expertise and ethics. Image Sept maintains long-term relationships with these partners based on trust, while always preserving its independence in order to put the client's interests and objectives first. Image Sept provides its clients with seamless service throughout the world.