Communication aimed at supporting companies’ strategy

A key player

Founded in 1988 by Anne Méaux, Image Sept is the leading independent communication consultancy firm in France, employing 65 people and with over 100 clients. Image Sept has become a key player in the fields of strategic consultancy and institutional relations, and a reference in the field of communication, in France and internationally.

Founding values

Image Sept is first and foremost an independent agency. Its core values – competence, loyalty, discretion, transparency and openness – enable the agency to develop very strong relationships with its clients. The focus on these core values translates into extremely high standards when it comes to hiring people and this helps build further trust with its clients.

Multiple skills

Image Sept’s strength lies in its capacity to bring together consultants from a wide range of backgrounds (finance, healthcare, manufacturing, luxury, press, culture, politics, Internet…) with highly varied skills (press relations, crisis communication, social communication, institutional relations, financial communication, and digital image management), which enables the agency to help its clients determine the most appropriate communication strategy and to assist their teams with its implementation.

Rooted in France, with an international network

Image Sept’s intimate understanding of the French economic, political, cultural and media communities and their sophisticated interplay has enabled the firm to become the preferred partner of both French and foreign organisations with communication needs in France. With a presence in London since 2011, Image Sept has also developed a strong network of international partners selected over time for their expertise and ethics. With each partner, Image Sept has maintained long-standing relationships based on trust, while at the same time preserving its freedom of choice, so that the interests and objectives of its clients always come first. In doing so, Image Sept offers its clients seamless service throughout the world.