Strategic communication

A leading independent consultancy

Founded in 1988 by Anne Méaux, Image Sept is the leading independent communication consultancy in France, with a team of 70 people and more than 100 clients. The firm is a key player in strategy consulting and institutional relations, setting the standard for communication in France and around the globe.

Core values

Image Sept is first and foremost an independent firm that fosters loyalty, discretion, transparency and openness to forge lasting ties with clients. Our long-term commitment to cement these core values is key to ensuring the highest standards in hiring top talent and shaping relationships underpinned by trust.

An array of expertise

Image Sept thrives on an ability to bring together consultants with a broad range of backgrounds in areas such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, luxury, press, culture, politics and tech. Their wide array of expertise in press relations, crisis communication, social communication, institutional relations, financial communication and digital image management empower us to help clients craft and implement bespoke communication strategies.

French roots and flobal reach

Image Sept has an intimate understanding of the workings and subtle interplay of economic, political, cultural and media communities in France. We are the go-to partner for both domestic and foreign organisations with communication needs in the country. We have had offices in London since 2011 and have developed a strong network of international partners chosen over time for their expertise and ethics, with whom we have built longstanding relationships on a bedrock of trust. Every step of the way, we steadfastly safeguard our freedom of choice to ensure our clients’ interests and objectives always come first. The result is a seamless service with global reach.