Corporate Communication

Establishing a trusting relationship with the media

The media are prime information vehicles for companies, institutions and governments. It is therefore essential to establish long-term trusting relationships with them.

Defining a communication strategy

Image Sept’s teams strive to gain a deep understanding of the client’s economic and financial issues as well as of their political and media environment, in order to determine their priority communication objectives and targets together with their communication teams.

Image Sept’s teams benefit from an extensive knowledge of all French and international media and opinion multipliers including the press, radio and television as well as the social networks and off- and online opinion leaders.


Image Sept’s expertise

Image Sept is involved throughout the communication chain, from the designing of the strategy – setting of objectives, image assessment and analysis of issues – to its implementation (media plan, contacts with the journalists or bloggers, elaboration of communication tools, listings, organisation of press conferences, shooting sessions, interviews, drafting of press releases and press kits).