Institutional Relations

Public affairs

Public representatives and decision-makers are crucial contacts for companies, institutions and organisations. Government members, ministerial cabinet members, MPs and Senators, presidents and executives of departmental and regional organisations, mayors, local representatives, elected representative associations (AMF, ADF, ARF…) and the European institutions (Parliament, Commissions) are therefore strategic targets.

The European dimension

The decisions made by the French public authorities are largely dependent on measures taken at the European Union level. French and European issues are thus tightly entwined. Image Sept has increased its presence in Brussels in order to offer a comprehensive package of advisory services in public affairs communication toward the European institutions: European Commission, Council, and Parliament. Its strategy takes into account the policies implemented nationally within the 27 member-states.

Image Sept’s expertise

Image Sept has a dedicated department for communication targeted at politicians. Its actions consist of raising awareness of the client’s issues among politicians, organising and managing contacts with institutional representatives involved, in implementing a legislative and regulatory watch, and providing assistance throughout the legislative process when texts impacting the business sector are examined in the French Parliament.