Financial communication

Generating the markets’ trust

The image and credibility of a company and of its executives in the financial markets are vital to attract investors and provide the company with the means to grow. The challenge is to generate trust by communicating on the strategy, the results, the financial soundness and the outlook in a transparent and relevant way.

Image audits and recommendations

Image Sept helps companies to assess the way they are perceived by the financial markets (summaries of analysts’ reports, perception studies, benchmarking), and build the content and structure of their financial communication.

Image Sept’s expertise

Image Sept assists its clients at every level of financial communication, from the management of their relations with the financial community (analysts, asset managers, institutional investors, financial and non-financial rating agencies, retail shareholders…) for recurring events ( financial results presentation, General Assemblies…) to one-off operations (solicited and unsolicited M&A activity, IPOs…).