Crisis communication

Controlling the issues

Crisis communication is by definition highly sensitive communication representing major challenges for a company and its executives. The company must face exceptional situations which require the implementation of an adapted communication targeting the various audiences concerned.

Anticipating the risks

Image Sept has implemented necessary tools and procedures to foresee and deal with any critical situations a company might face.

On behalf of ongoing or one-off clients, Image Sept intervenes in all types of crises that companies and executives can unexpectedly face, be they economic, environmental, legal, social or linked to psychosocial risks.

Image Sept’s expertise

Image Sept guarantees to its clients the reactivity and expertise of dedicated consultants throughout the crisis.

Image Sept quickly mobilises a crisis management team, proposes a strategy, drafts talking points, and set up communication procedures.

It also provides assistance to the management and their teams and /or spokespersons, organises their media training and / or directly handles contact with the press.